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September 14, 2010

"Pooooft" - Whale listening ... It isn't always about watching.

Well, the residents graced us with their presence today after a brief hiatus. However, so did the fog. Although Captain Craig isn't crazy about the fog (which I guess makes sense seeing he's in charge of our lives and safety and such), I love it. We drove through Cattle Pass on the way to reach the...Read more

September 13, 2010

People For Puget Sound View Whales and Wildlife Saturday September 11

Minke Whale By Erinn Taucher People For Puget Sound Sea Birds and A Catamaran By Erinn Taucher People For Puget Sound Stellar Sea Lion by Erinn Taucher, People For Puget Sound PugetSound.Org Stellar Sea Lion Dive by Erinn Taucher, People For Puget Sound PugetSound.Org Minke Whale by Erinn Taucher...Read more

September 11, 2010

Lookin' At Lopez

The orcas and humpbacks were conspiring against us today. They were all 20 miles or more from Friday Harbor and were heading further west. Not a good combination for a successful whale watching tour. Luckily for us the minke whale were cooperating, so we went and spent time with them. Afterward...Read more

September 9, 2010

I'll Take A Side of Dolphins

At this point, our avid readers know that orcas are the world's largest dolphins, despite the fact that their common name is Killer Whale. Because the name Killer Whale is such a misnomer we almost exclusively use their scientific title of orca. Up until this week they were also the only dolphins...Read more

September 8, 2010

Wildly Entertaining

I know I have said this a million times, but it was a whale of a day! First, we saw members of the J pod on the south end of San Juan near Salmon Bank. Once again we identified J26 "Mike". Then, we saw more whales, possibly members of the L pod, along the west side of San Juan around Eagle Point...Read more

September 7, 2010

Paradise in the San Juans

It was a really lovely day out on the water. The sun came out, misty whiffs of clouds hovered above the islands, and the orcas were everywhere. We circumnavigated San Juan Island, first heading south and then north up the west side. San Juan Island is the second largest, 55 square miles, of the...Read more