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September 25, 2009

After a wonderful wildlife-packed (but orca -free) trip north yesterday, I was excited to hear a report the orcas were back in our range when I arrived to the office early this morning. Yet, as the morning progressed and reports continued to be updated, I became a bit nervous that whales might yet...Read more

September 22, 2009

Home Away From Home

It was a long trip today, but well worth it. A small group of guests joined us on the M/V Sea Lion and enjoyed a tour of Orcas Island and the State Marine Parks to the north as we motored to Birch Bay near Blaine, Washington. That is the farthest northeast that either Jaclyn or I have been and it...Read more

September 21, 2009

Hide and Seek

Luckily, we did not have to look too far today, although the orcas were being a bit cagey. Capt. Craig took us out of Friday Harbor at an exaggeratedly slow speed, because the Coast Guard had sent out a radio warning about a submerged house boat that was adrift in San Juan Channel. How something...Read more

September 21, 2009

A parade of Whales!

Yesterday's trip....I just have to blog about this one! It was a warm, sunny September Sunday. The Resident Killer Whales (or Orcas ) were moving south from Rosario Strait around Lopez Island. We came through Cattle Pass and were ahead of the Orcas , so we positioned ourselves offshore of the...Read more

September 17, 2009

With word that the orcas were spread out all along the south and west side of San Juan island, many heading north, Captain Nancy, Naturalist Jaclyn, and I boarded the MV Sea Lion (with a slightly late departure, due to a slightly late ferry - you've got to love island living!) and decided to head...Read more

September 15, 2009

Friendly Canada!

Once again we turned our bow towards Victoria and Canada today. The orcas, J pod to be exact, were at the Victoria Harbor heading east in a resting pattern. Capt. Craig tried to give them some time to swim to us by stopping to view other wildlife, but the orcas were swimming too slowly and we...Read more

September 14, 2009

A Plethora of Playmates

It would be easier for me to list the animals that we did not see today, rather than to list the ones that we did. I think that the only sightings that we did not log were of the Titanic and the Loch Ness Monster. Jaclyn and I could hardly contain our excitement, which is to say that we completely...Read more

September 12, 2009

Su, Su, Su, Superpod!

It was a whalestravaganza today on the water. Orcas from the north, orcas from the south and us in the middle of it all. East Point on Saturna Island was the meeting spot and the Strait of Georgia was the playground. I was hoping that we would see all of the whales get together, but I did not think...Read more