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July 11, 2011

Hijacked by Orcas!

Heading south out of Friday Harbor we turned on the speed and booked it towards Cattle Pass! We first arrived on scene to a nice spread out pod of Orcas, looking to both our left and right there were orcas near and far! They seemed to be traveling in a “zig-zag” pattern, which is notorious to...Read more

July 10, 2011

Baby K

Another beautiful day as we motored south down the San Juan Channel toward Cattle Pass. It was slightly overcast but we could see Mt Baker standing tall to our east. We stopped to look at a juvenile bald eagle sitting atop a rock otherwise covered with seals and had an "awwww" moment when a tiny...Read more

July 10, 2011

Just us and the Whales

Last night brought one of the nicest evening tours I can remember. I decided to ride along as a passenger and try getting some pictures of Orcas. As we cleared Cattle Pass we headed up the west side of San Juan Island looking for any members of the resident pods. It didn't take long to see a blow,...Read more

July 9, 2011

5:30 Sunset Tours Best for Photographers

Last evening I got out from behind the computer and went out on the whale watching tour that departs at 5:30. We went out of Friday Harbor, then south down the east side of San Juan Island. About 1 mile off the south west side of San Juan Island there were many, MANY whales. It was an...Read more

July 9, 2011

Abundant Wildlife

Southbound from Friday Harbor, we went in search of Pacific northwest wildlife. Along the way, we saw harbor porpoises just in the San Juan Channel north of the harbor. A few harbor seals were spotted frolicking in the waves, perhaps foraging or playing. As we rounded Henry Island along the...Read more

July 9, 2011

Orca Breach-Fest 2011

There's a theory among whale watch captains that whales breach more when the waves are choppier. Last night's trip was definite proof for that theory! We left the harbor southbound, searching for our earlier super pod. As we peeked out of the safety of the islands at Cattle Pass, the wind was...Read more

July 7, 2011

Blustery day FULL of wildlife!

Our journey out of Friday Harbor started out a bit blustery and bumpy, but we soon discovered it did not scare off any of the wildlife! Today’s trip was full of creatures from both the land and the sea! Eagles, harbor seals, harbor porpoise, and last but not least ORCAS! As we journeyed up and over...Read more

July 6, 2011

Syncronized Surfacings in the Fog

Traveling east between Orcas and Shaw Islands and then south along Lopez, we emerged in the Rosario straight. Despite starting in beautiful and warm Friday Harbor sunshine, we quickly became encompassed in a cool low-lying fog bank (but still at least giving us 225 yards of visibility). Looming off...Read more