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June 18, 2009

Gray Whales And A Submarine

We went to Whidbey Island, near the Whidbey Island Navel Base, to see not one, but two gray whales. One appeared to be a bit larger than the other. Gray whales are amazing animals. While there, we also saw some very cool Navy Jets flying right over us!!! On the way back we spotted a submarine... I...Read more

June 17, 2009

An Orca Breach

L pod was near False Bay (on San Juan Island) today. L pod is one of the three pods that make up the Southern Resident Killer Whales. Southern Resident killer whales were listed as an endangered species in the united states in November of 2005. There are a number of threats to these animals, but...Read more

June 16, 2009

Minke Whales, Seals, & Eagles!

It was a perfect day to spot and see marine mammals: no wind, calm seas, and overcast skies, so there was little glare on the water. We left Friday Harbor with a report of Minke Whales to the south at Hein Bank. Hein Bank is a place where it gets shallow due to an underwater sea mount or bank.....Read more

June 15, 2009

Sunset and Whales

It was a beautiful evening and Capt. Craig, the guests and I rushed right out to be a part of it. Actually, we were rushing because there were reports of Orcas in the vicinity and they were moving away from us. We quick got the group on board and the MV Sea Lion under way and motored out of the...Read more

June 14, 2009

Our inland arm of the Pacific Ocean...The Puget Sound

The Puget Sound is a very biologically diverse inland sea. We have many species of marine mammals, birds, invertebrates, algae and more . The most popular marine mammal is the orca , which is actually the largest member of the dolphin family. Today's safari included lots of bald eagles, porpoises,...Read more

June 13, 2009

Let The Nights Begin!

As spring advances towards summer here and the days become longer in the San Juan Islands, we at San Juan Safaris shift into our evening sunset tours along with the lengthening sunlight. This particular Saturday marked our first late tour of the season and it was a glorious one. The sun shone...Read more

June 13, 2009

A National Bird Day!!!

WOW!!! We saw so many bald eagles today... We even got a glimpse of about five in one tree. It is so wonderful that the bald eagle populations have made such a comeback. Bald eagles were greatly affected by DDT, a pesticide, due to bio magnification. DDT was causing thinning of egg shells. Bald...Read more

June 12, 2009

It's A Humpy!

This is a week of firsts, I am telling you. Today we were treated to another rare sighting and that was a Humpback Whale. Even the captain said she has not seen one of these in the waters directly around San Juan Island in two years. The whale did not seem to realize the frenzy that it was causing...Read more