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April 2, 2011

San Juan Safaris on CBS Seattle Local Guide April 1, 2011

http://seattle.cbslocal.com/guide/guide-to-the-san-juan-islands/# It’s about two hours’ drive from Seattle to Anacortes, WA, the Washington State Ferry’s launch to the San Juan Islands. You can park your car and walk aboard, or you can drive on and take your car along with you. Taxis, shuttles,...Read more

March 30, 2011

Inside the nostrils of a Humpback Whale

Nostrils of a Humpback whale by R. Daley March 2011 off Kona HI This photo was just sent in to me by a friend who was vacationing in Kona Hawaii. WOW. Have you ever looked into the nostrils of a Humpback? I have not. Big thanks to RD.Read more

March 29, 2011

March 27, 2011 The first charter of the season Today was the first official charter of the 2011 season! Â Captain Mike Kramer along with naturalists Colleen, Laura, and Mike took 22 brave passengers out in the cool temperatures and overcast skies. The group arrived from Seattle in style on the...Read more

January 24, 2011

Bold-face restaurateurs vie with unspoiled nature. Nature wins.

2. San Juan Islands, Wash. Bold-face restaurateurs vie with unspoiled nature. Nature wins. The big draw for the San Juan Islands this year just might be its dining scene. Blaine Wetzel, a former chef at the wildly acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant Noma , took the reins at Willows Inn on Lummi Island...Read more

January 19, 2011

Orca off BC Coast Love The Taste of Shark (?)

Orcas off B.C.’s coast love the taste of shark But they’re wearing their teeth flat on the abrasive skin of the sleeper shark, study says By Larry Pynn, Vancouver SunJanuary 17, 2011 Scientists know little about the offshore killer whales, identified off the coast in 1989, due to their nomadic...Read more

December 28, 2010

Photo contest winners for whale and wildlife 2011

Announcing the Photo winners for 2011 in the category of whale photo: Janet Holba of WI. Winner for "wildlife" photo is Patty Quales of NC. These will be highlighted in the new 2011 sanjuansafaris.com website due to be published March 1, 2011.Read more