August 12, 2012

Word Travels Fast in the San Juan Islands...

By the time we reached the whales today, near Saturna Island (Canada), people had lined up along the shoreline waiting for their chance to see the Southern Residents. It was six members of Jpod slowly moving north in Boundary Pass headed for the Strait of Georgia (48°45.88N 123°04.69W). In the mix we found Hy’Shqa (J37) and her newborn J49, along with Grandma Samish (J14) and the 20 year-old orphan from Lpod, Onyx (L87).

The group appeared to be resting, staying fairly close to the shoreline, synchronizing their breaths and dives. After spending time with them, we left to make quick run around East Point to see some Steller Sea Lions and Harbor Seals, hoping that upon our return the whales might be a little more rested.

Sure enough our captain was right! When we came back for our second visit the group of whales began lobtailling and playing around with one another. We then headed home with news of Kpod entering the area. 

As a matter of fact, our night cruise should be with them right… about….. now!

Naturalist Tara, San Juan Safaris