August 22, 2010

Minkes again!

We saw a minke whale on the west side of Waldron Island today! Although there weren't any reports of orcas, we still managed to see a lot of marine wildlife. We rarely see minke whales this many days in a row. They are solitary travelers and can hold their breathe for long periods. So when they...Read more

August 21, 2010

Whale Watching

Today, we actually saw whales as opposed to the black and white dolphins known as 'orcinus orca.' Whales and dolphins are classified according to two things; their size, with porpoise being the smallest, dolphins being mid sized and whales being the largest, with the Blue Whale being the largest...Read more

August 19, 2010

Singing in the Rain and Breaching in the Sun

I went out with an especially cheerful group of people who were 0ld friends with eachother. In 1992, they flew around the world in small planes, over Russia. Now they get together every year, and this year they got together in San Juan and chartered the Kittiwake. The name of their group was the...Read more

August 19, 2010

West Side Sunset

Last evening we headed towards the southern tip of San Juan where Cattle Point Lighthouse is located.  This is our last week of sunset tours and I'm really going to miss the way that lighthouse looks against a setting sun. That thought was interrupted when we spotted Stellar Sea Lions showing off...Read more

August 11, 2010

Whales Last Evening and WHALES This Afternoon

Yesterdays afternoon trip saw a little seen baleen whale - a minke. There are only about 18 minke whales in and around the islands. Our guests got very good looks at this whale in the afternoon both from the MV Sea Lion and the smaller MV Kittiwake. Last evening on the 5;30 tour the resident orca...Read more

August 4, 2010

Photos of Orca Whales, Seals and Gulls by Sosha Mathew

Side Breach and Straight Ahead Orca Whale by Sosha Mathew Lone Orca Whale Off San Juan Island at Sunset, by Sosha Mathew Snoozing Seals and Gulls, by by Sosha Mathew From our Sunday, August 1, 2010 Tour. These will be entered into our photo contest. Thanks Sosha!Read more

August 3, 2010

Does Granny Breach Less?

The oldest member of the Southern Resident Community is named Granny. She is estimated to be a 100 years old. She is also the matriarch of J-pod. Her cohort is a 60 year old male named Ruffles. Ruffle's dorsal fin is 5 to 6 feet tall, a common measurement for adult males, as compared to the 2 to 3...Read more

August 3, 2010

People For Puget Sound Celebrates 20 Years of Protecting & Educating

WHAT'S YOUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY STORY? 2011 is People For Puget Sound's 20th birthday and we'd like to hear your story about Puget Sound and People For Puget Sound during the last 20 years” and looking ahead to the next 20. Were you on the first Sound Voyage? At the first Lobby Day in 1992? Were you a...Read more