August 19, 2010

West Side Sunset

Last evening we headed towards the southern tip of San Juan where Cattle Point Lighthouse is located.  This is our last week of sunset tours and I'm really going to miss the way that lighthouse looks against a setting sun.  That thought was interrupted when we spotted Stellar Sea Lions showing off their large bodies on Whale Rocks.  These sea lions can weigh up to 2200 lbs!  We continued up the west side of San Juan where we encountered the L-pod around False Bay.  The whales were widely spread out, which encouraged us to lower our hydrophone into the water.  We heard a few vocalizations as we spotted whales in every direction.  On our way back to Friday Harbor we saw a Great Blue Heron perched on a forest of Bull Kelp.  Bull Kelp is the fastest growing seaweed in the world.  It can grow 10-12 inches in one day!  If you are ever stranded in the San Juans, you won't go hungry because the leafy blade of Bull Kelp is edible!  There's a lot to see out here, and a whole lot to learn.

Bull Kelp