July 6, 2014


July 6th was an epic day here in the San Juan Islands! The afternoon trip was glorious as we headed to the reports of the southern residents and we spotted a humpback whale! We got a few awesome looks and got to see some sweet fluke up dives. We caught up with Jpod near Stuart Island. We got to see J2 Granny our 103 year old whale and L 87 Onyx who spends most of his time with Jpod. This was a great start to the day!

The evening trip was rocking too! We headed west this time and ran into a mixture of J, K, and L pod and they were excited. The water was mirror like and we saw a bunch of breaches and spy hops! The whales were pretty spread out so we got to spend some quality time with many different whales. As we headed home to Friday harbor we spotted that humpback again! With  a few surfacings and a couple of dives we continued on and we spotted a minke!!! We hit the trifecta of whales! Orcas, humpback and a minke whale! Wow, that doesn't happen everyday and our guests and Naturalist were so excited! Let's hope the month of July continues with action!


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M/V Sea lion

Naturalist Chelsea