September 28, 2012

Transients and calves play in Canadian waters

We caught up with a group of Transients today near South Pender Island, British Columbia  (48°44.01N 123°18.00W). Initially we paralleled the path of a group of 4 whales, which included 2 large bulls.  At one point we were traveling 10 knots to keep up with them!  The group slowed and synchronized their dives as they approached a second group of transients milling near a shoal.  The whales suddenly became very active on the surface with several partial breaches, tail-lobbing, spyhopping, and one breathtaking full body breach.  We heard a vocalization above the surface while watching two rambunctious youngsters playing near their mothers.  One of the calves appeared to be the length of a newly born calf, about 7’ long.   When we left the group, they were continuing to move in a southwesterly direction toward Gooch Island.  We capped the tour with a cruise by Spieden Island where we witnessed a stately bald eagle, and abundant Mouflon Sheep, Fallow Deer (including a few completely white individuals with huge racks!), and a few Sika deer as well.   As we rounded Green Point, we came across 3 Steller’s Sea Lions logging about amongst a raft of Bonaparte’s and California Gulls.   

Naturalist Andrew, San Juan Safaris