August 19, 2021

2 Pods Mingling Near Victoria!

Jordan | M/V Sea Lion | 08/19/2021 2:00pm So nice to get out on the boat! Captain Pete and I grabbed our guests and headed out to sea. We heard whispers of something exciting happening over in Canada so we headed out to find out what the commotion was about. We headed south and passed cattle point...Read more

April 17, 2017

Killer Whales in Rosario Strait

(April 15, 2017) Blue sky, warm sun, steep green slopes, electric blue water, and black and white whales. That was the scene beheld by our guests today aboard the M/V Sea Lion. Against the backdrop of Lummi and Sinclair Islands, transient orcas made steady headway up Rosario Strait. Whale watching...Read more

September 25, 2015

Whales on Whales on Whales!-September 24, 2015

Today was one of those days that comes maybe but once a summer here in the Salish Sea, and Captain Mike, myself and some lucky passengers were fortunate enough to see some incredible examples of our local wildlife. We left the dock at exactly noon (despite a slightly tardy naturalist) on the trusty...Read more

July 23, 2015

A Murder most Transient... July 22nd, 2015

Today Captain Gabe and I left the dock on the Kittiwake with a boat full of excited passengers, sun in the sky and reports of something a little different than our average tour: Transients (cue dramatic music) Transients, unlike the Southern Resident Killer Whales who subsist mostly on King Salmon...Read more

August 9, 2014

Transients out in San Juan Channel

It was busy out in San Juan Channel today with the 44th annual Shaw Island Classic Yacht Races, but it was definitely a great day for a sail and even a whale watch! For many of the sailors out there and our lucky guests, we were afforded some incredible looks at our Transient Killer Whales. Only...Read more

September 2, 2013

Bits N' Pieces

It was a feast today for the T-30's, a group of marine mammal-eating orcas known as the Transient Orcas. The M/V Sea Lion motored out of Friday Harbor with perfectly still seas to meet up with six transient orcas hanging out North near the south side of Saturna Island in Canadian waters. Upon first...Read more

August 24, 2013

M/V Sea Lion Heads North.

Long trek to get to the whales today. Earlier reports had transient, our marine mammal-eating orcas, near Captains Pass heading Northeast towards Active Pass. By the time M/V Sea Lion got there from Friday Harbor the whales were at the mouth of Active Pass. Although this was a long trip to the...Read more

August 21, 2013

Transient Killer Whale Play Time!

With the sun on our backs, Captain Craig, Naturalist Aimee, and I headed north out of Friday Harbor. Earlier in the morning we had received word of a group of Transient Orcas in the area, and we were eager to catch up to these beautiful animals! We arrived on scene with a trailing group at the...Read more