August 19, 2013

The M/V Kittiwake Goes The Extra Mile

Today The M/V Kittiwake wasn't going to let a little thing like distance get in the way of seeing killer whales! Reports had Transient Orcas heading west near Discovery Island off the coast of Victoria, Canada. It was going to be quite the trek to get to these whales, but Captain Jim is never one...Read more

August 15, 2013

Kittiwake goes the extra mile... or two!

The other day, our guests on M/V Kittiwake settled in for a long boat ride up north into Canada. There were reports of six Transient Orcas, but they were far North and moving away from us. Captain Jim and I decided to go for it though, there's no stopping us when there's Orcas involved! The best...Read more

July 18, 2013

Transient Orcas for a Birthday Gift!

Captain Jim and myself departed on M/V Kittiwake today in hopes of finding transient orcas. Our guests were hoping that since it was Captain Jim's birthday, he would be our good luck charm! Jim ended up proving to be our good luck charm! We made it up to canadian waters, specifically kellet reef,...Read more

September 18, 2012


We had reports of Transient Killer Whales near Victoria, B.C. today. When the animals are reported this far away we do have to do a bit of traveling but fortunately the Killer Whales were traveling east and headed our direction. As we were motoring through the Strait of Juan de Fuca to reach the...Read more

September 9, 2012


Man was today a day for whales in Haro Strait; we saw a Humpback Whale (48°29.81N 123°11.95W) and 6 Transient Orcas (48°27.21N 123°09.33W)!!!!  There was also rumor of transients north, where most of the whale watch fleeted ended up going, but our decision to go south and around San Juan...Read more

September 5, 2012

Round 2: Another group of Transient Killer Whales

We had wonderful views of 4 Transient Killer Whales! We first saw the Orca Whales near Green Point as they were traveling north. The pod included one physically mature male, he was massive. When we arrived on scene, the whales were taking turns slapping their tail flukes on the surface before...Read more

September 4, 2012

Transient Killer Whales

Literally minutes before our departure Captain Mike received a report of 2 Transient Killer Whales in the area! Yahoozle! We found the whales near Kettle Bluff on the westside of Henry Island (48°36.15N, 123°12.60W). The whales were identified as T20, a mature male, and T21 a female, most...Read more