August 29, 2018

Transient Orcas Near Canada

August 19- M/V Kestrel- 10:00 am

We left Friday Harbor and headed South West towards Canada where there was a report of some transient orcas.  On our way down to Victoria we got to see some harbor seals and some Steller’s sea lions.  Steller’s sea lions spend the majority of the summer on the coast or up in Alaska for their breeding season, but some have started to return!  We then went and saw a mother-son pair of transient orcas resting near Victoria.  We then got another report of some additional orcas just a little South of where we already were.  We got to also see the group of females and juveniles cruising around looking for food.  We then headed back towards Friday Harbor where we saw a bald eagle.  We had a very well rounded day out on the water! 

Naturalist Rachel