September 16, 2013

Transient Killer Whales Up North!

M/V Sea Lion and guests left Friday Harbor with the sun breaking through the clouds heading north. Captain Mike had reports of Transient Orcas in the Strait of Georgia. We decide to go through the Canadian Gulf Islands and through Georgesons Passage. This provided our guests with a very scenic view of the different islands. Once we got on scene we could see two young calfs, one juvenile, one adult female, and one adult male. The male was identified as T12A due to his unique dorsal fin. After seeing the Orcas, and heading home, our guests were able to see two Bald Eagles on Blunden Island and five or six Steller Sea Lions off of Green Point on Spieden Island. Guests aboard M/V Sea Lion were very impressed with the different type of wildlife we saw on our 55 mile trip!

Aimee-Naturalist, M/V Sea Lion
San Juan Safaris