July 22, 2011

Milling with Killer Whales

We headed north out of Friday Harbor this afternoon in search of any and all wildlife that lives in or around the Salish Sea. Our first encounter came when we slowed and went across Spieden Island where there was wildlife from the shore line to the sky. First we noticed harbor seals that were...Read more

July 4, 2011

Sea snake

J pod was spread out along the southwest coast in smaller groups. The flag of American Camp waved on in the background as we encountered the first group of three orcas. It consisted of the mature male Mike (J-26) whose sea snake was present and the flashing of pink startled and confused the...Read more

June 11, 2011


As the sun dissipated the daunting clouds, we encountered J-Pod near Pile Point as they headed north toward Lime Kiln Point. A few individuals breached while the rest of the group continued to move at a slow pace in a spread out formation. We were excited to identify Riptide (J-30), the alleged...Read more

May 18, 2011

A Proud Day for San Juan Safaris, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island WA

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 All staff, With a spectacular spring day, the MV Sea Lion and crew (Captain Craig and MikeO) headed north with our special charter of Western States Agency Policy Makers. Ken Balcomb, of The Center for Whale Research, Kari Koski of The Whale Museums SoundWatch program and me...Read more

May 2, 2011

It started off a rainy Monday and turned into a great wildlife watching day. We headed north out of the Harbor and up toward Speiden Island. It was raining steadily but there were a dozen Steller Seal Lions hauled out at the point and more in the water. Some of them were only half way out of the...Read more

May 1, 2011


We left Friday Harbor with reports of a Minke Whale in Canadian waters. Under sunny skies and over glassy water we headed west. As we approached the area of the last sighting we slowed to a stop and shut down the engines. The passengers spread out along the rails and kept their eyes on the water...Read more

October 6, 2010

Charter A Boat!

The daily trips may be done, but that does not mean that I do not still get the chance to get out on the water. Today we had a charter and that is really the way to go if you are a naturalist. Or even if you are a guest. The groups tend to be relaxed and fun-loving and ready for anything. There are...Read more

October 2, 2010

"Orca Tails To You..."

Southern Resident Killer Whales. Photo courtesy of NOAA/NMFS "Until we meet again." Well, it is sad to say, but today was our last daily trip. We still have a few Saturdays left, but this is it for the daily grind. It has been a season like no other, with the orcas being found along the coast of...Read more