May 17, 2012

Thursday May 17, 2012

Today we followed a similar route to yesterday’s trip. We headed north out of the San Juan Channel, past the west side of Waldron and out to Patos Island. About a half mile west of Patos we saw around 20 to 30 Harbor Porpoises milling in the rip tides. This appeared to be a great foraging area and...Read more

May 16, 2012

Yet another beautiful, sunny day out here in the San Juan Islands.

Upon departing the boat harbor we traveled north through the San Juan Channel to the west side of Waldren Island and into Boundary Pass. As we motored through Boundary Pass towards Patos Island, Captain Mike saw some splashing in the distance. Upon further investigation it was a Steller Sea Lion...Read more

May 15, 2012

Smooth Sailing

For today’s trip we headed south through the San Juan Channel in between Lopez and San Juan Island. Across from Cattle Point we reached our first hot spot for wildlife viewing. Here we found Harbor Seals one side of a small rocky island and Steller Sea Lions on the other. The Steller’s were fairly...Read more

May 8, 2012

The Resident Orca Whales are being seen in all directions!

Today’s trip we began by heading west through the San Juan and Shaw Channels. As we passed between Lopez Island and San Juan Island we stopped at a rock that was covered on one half with Steller Sea Lions and the other half with Harbor Seals. There was also a lone Bald Eagle present, overlooking...Read more

May 7, 2012

Going the Extra Mile.....or 30!

point roberts Today we definitely went the extra mile. Out of the harbor we were immediately faced with a tough decision… head south to a confirmed Humpback Whale sighting that we could easily reach, or take the chance of catching up with some Orcas that were spotted in Canada and heading north...Read more

April 30, 2012

Whale Watch Report for April 30th 2012

Almost left a naturalist at the dock today! With the winds prevailing, the naturalist wasn’t quite fast enough to get on board once she let the lines loose. Luckily the captain came back to pick her up at the “Spring Street Landing” dock. With all on board we headed out through the San Juan Channel...Read more

April 26, 2012

Whale Report for Thursday April 26, 2012 from San Juan Island

Another beautiful sunny day in the San Juan Islands. We saw several members of the J-pod including J2 “Granny” the 100 year old matriarch. After viewing the whales we motored through Mosquito Pass into Roche Harbor where a number of seabird species were observed including surf scoters,...Read more

April 24, 2012

Whale Watching & Wildlife Report Tuesday April 24, 2012

Leaving Friday Harbor under solid grey skies, a damp drizzle, no wind, very calm seas, and a last minute report that Transient Orcas were on the west side of San Juan Island, we headed north and quickly made our way to the west side via Spieden Channel in anticipation of running into the northern-...Read more