September 19, 2013

Playful Resident Orcas Make For A Perfect Day!

M/V Kittiwake departed with positive reports of Resident Orcas! Our 13 guests and myself were very excited due to the fact they have been gone for a few days. Captain Mike headed straight to the Orcas that were heading north in Boundary Pass. Once we got on scene we could see all the blows and lots of splashing, right away I knew we had a playful group. We were right in the middle of Boundary Pass when the Orcas decided to split. At that moment we had a large adult male surface near our boat! Guests were very impressed with how large his dorsal fin was! We saw a lot of tail slaps, cartwheels, pectoral fin slaps, spyhops, and breaches!

The water was calm and when we shut down all you heard were the sounds of tail slaps, pectoral fin slaps, and blows! With such great weather, Mount Baker in the distance, playful Orcas, and calm water, it was really a picture perfect day! On our way home we were able to see Bald Eagles perched on Evergreen branches and Harbor Seals hauled out on rocks. Our guests were very happy to have such beautiful weather and wildlife!


Aimee-Naturalist, M/V Kittiwake

San Juan Safaris