May 24, 2009

Orcas off the west side of San Juan

J-pod off the West side of San Juan Island near Lime Kiln State Park. J-pod was fairly spread out but great to watch. We took a trip past the North side of Spieden Island and the Cactus Islands. The North side of Spieden is very different from the south side. There is more shade, less evaporation and has evergreen trees. We encountered some Mouflon sheep, a non-indigenous animal to the island that are believed to be the ancestor of all modern day sheep breeds. We saw them near the trees and a few rams closer to the shoreline. We also saw three bald eagles, a Great blue heron and even harlequin ducks near the cactus islands. On the way back to Friday Harbor we saw a minke whale, the smallest of baleen whales in the San Juan Channel. Its always a great adventure with San Juan Safaris, you just never know how many amazing animals you will have the opportunity to encounter.

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