August 25, 2012

Transient Orcas Traveling the Inner Islands

Today we found 5 Transient Orcas headed west in Rosario Strait between Cypress and Orcas Island (48°31.68N 122°48.62W). It was the T36’s and T39’s who appeared to be finishing off part of a kill. They were circling around the area and aggressively deep diving towards the center, gathering any...Read more

June 7, 2012

The Spieden Shuffle

Today we shuffled around Spieden, Stewart and some of the inner islands. As we boarded the boat we prepared for a wet day, but it actually turned out to be very nice. On the south side of Spieden we saw at least 30 or so Mouflon Sheep and got to see the very first Mink of the season, scurrying...Read more

August 1, 2011

Orcas Island and Orca Whales

Today, even the Kittiwake had an adventure! We traveled over to Orcas Island to pick up a family of ten for a private charter and from there on, we were surrounded by a continuous showing by Pacific Northwest wildlife! First, it was a little harbor seal between Lopez and Shaw Islands. Next, it was...Read more