May 7, 2009

ORCAS and Stellar Sea Lion:)

Today was a great day for wildlife viewing. We headed south out of Friday Harbor and then just southeast of Lopez we spotted Southern Resident Killer Whales, the J-pod and they put on a great show. Captain Nancy identified Ruffles! They were breaching and tail slapping- some great pictures were...Read more

May 6, 2009

Liquid sunshine in the islands!

Hello all, A group of intrepid seventh graders and their chaperones were our guests on the MV Kittiwake today. The kids and adults alike were inquisitive and well rewarded for their interest. We had a good look at some Harbor Porpoises in San Juan Channel that were milling around in the swirling...Read more

May 5, 2009

Orcas Again!!!

Today we saw the largest member of the dolphin family, orcas ! These animals are super intelligent and beautiful. We located J-pod, 1 mile south of Cattle point heading west. We did see a calf! The whales were tail slapping and spy hopping , it was fantastic. We also placed the hydrophone in the...Read more

May 4, 2009


When I arrived to work today, I heard word that J Pod was rumored to be in the Haro Strait. As the morning continued, Captain Craig confirmed the word that the most frequent visiting Southern Resident community pod was indeed back in the islands! Captain Craig, a group of excited guests and I...Read more

May 2, 2009

Junevnile Eagles Galore

After hearing word of Transient Orcas up north, we left Friday Harbor in a hurry to try to view some of the marine mammal eating Orcas that sometimes frequent the San Juan Islands. We headed quickly their way, only to hear they started heading further north (out of our range). Then, we sped north...Read more

May 1, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Yet again, Spring is in the air in the San Juan Islands! Captain Nancy and our other Naturalist, Jeannette, and I headed out with an excited group of guests to view the wonders the islands have to offer. We cruised past Speiden Island, viewing the islands exotic wildlife along the way, up on...Read more

April 30, 2009

Sea Lion Day on the Kittiwake

Today on the Kittiwake, Captain Pete found lots of wildlife to view. The conditions were amazing, smooth seas and a clear sky. We saw many bald eagles, (even a juvenile), stellar sea lions, harbor seals, harbor porpioses and many birds. We also cruised by Spieden and were able to view some deer and...Read more

April 29, 2009

A Beautiful Wildlife-filled Spring Day!

Although there is still an early spring nip to the weather, it was a glorious day out on the water. After hearing word of a few Minke whales off of Cattle Point , towards Hein Bank, we headed south to catch some glipses of one of the true whales that inhabit the waters of the San Juan Islands (...Read more