Transient killer whales near Turn Island

March 26, 2017

Transient Killer Whales Near San Juan Island

Yesterday the M/V Sea Lion had an amazing encounter with three family of Bigg’s killer whales, also known as transient killer whales, traveling in San Juan Channel. It was such a treat to have such active whales so close to the harbor, and definitely not an everyday occurrence! Captain Mike, Emily...Read more
J2 Granny Spyhops near Stuart Island

January 5, 2017

Reflecting on the Loss of J2 Granny

She was my first wild orca. I will never forget that moment as I sat on the bow of the M/V Sea Lion, mere hours after stepping off the ferry, and I was looking at her family. I watched her glossy back break the surface and heard that powerful "kwoof" that instantly became my favorite sound. I took...Read more
Southern Resident Orca Breach near San Juan Island

December 28, 2016

10 ways to help save Puget Sound’s resident orcas TODAY!

After the most recent decline in the Southern Resident Killer Whale population, many supporters are asking “ What can we do, TODAY!? ” to help conserve this endangered population. #1 Support Organizations Protecting Orcas and Salmon Many regional non-profit organizations support healthy watersheds...Read more

September 19, 2016

A Beautiful Look at Transients in the Strait of Juan de Fuca

It appears that fall is here, as the weather is constantly keeping us guessing. Rain? Shine? A combination of both within the space of 10 minutes? Sure, why not. That's what we love about our island home. And, staying true to the theme of San Juan Safaris (always embracing adventure and the beauty...Read more

September 11, 2016

J's at Turn Point & Boundary Pass, Epic Sunset!

Today was a fairytale, a pure, Salish Sea, fairytale! Although weather conditions down south were a little bit iffy, with two foot chop and white caps through the Strait of Juan de Fuca and up Haro as well, M/V Sea Lion was headed north, where nothing could stop us! We had flat, calm seas,...Read more

August 20, 2016

The J16's Showing Some Love

Oh, I do love a good family get together. Orcas, being the incredibly social animals that they are, are often seen hanging out with their families, traveling throughout the Salish Sea and frequently foraging for salmon. But what's life without a little fun? You can't just spend your whole day...Read more