May 2, 2009

Junevnile Eagles Galore

After hearing word of Transient Orcas up north, we left Friday Harbor in a hurry to try to view some of the marine mammal eating Orcas that sometimes frequent the San Juan Islands. We headed quickly their way, only to hear they started heading further north (out of our range). Then, we sped north again, having heard they were headed back our direction. Luck wasn't on our side and once more they turned and were out of our range. Luckily, the islands have wildlife abound!

The guests viewed large groups of Dall's Porpoise off of Turn Point off Stuart Island. We then headed back towards Speiden, where we saw an adult Bald Eagle cruise directly past our starboard side. Then checked out the exotic wildlife on Speiden and saw hauled out harbor seals resting on Sentinel Rock. As we cruised down Speiden's south side, we two juvenile eagles, one eating the carcus of what appeared to be a Muflon Sheep, the other perched along the shore with what appeared part of the sheep either being toted along with it, or stuck to its talons. In the air was saw at least 4 juvenile eagles in flight, and one more sitting near Green Point.

A few sprinkles didn't hinder the wildlife viewing and it was yet another enjoyable day aboard the Sea Lion.

Ashley, Naturalist