May 13, 2013

It's Raining Transients!

The same group of marine mammal-eating Transients (the T49Bs and T65As) that "wowed" us yesterday demonstrated their hunting prowess again today outside of Sidney, British Columbia. Just before coming upon the gang we witnessed several Harbor Porpoise in the area. The orcas began to breach and moved inshore where it appeared that they pinned their prey right up against the beach. Our hardy guests enjoyed the show despite the driving wind and rain and huddled back in our vessel's heated cabin between viewing. On our return trip we grazed by Mandarte Island to view the exceptionally active nesting colonies of sea birds found there. The herd of sheep and deer on Speiden Island didn't seem to be phased by the weather either. Several Bald Eagles and Turkey Vultures soared in the updraft above Speiden's ridge.

Naturalist Andrew, San Juan Safaris