July 3, 2021

Humpback Day in the Strait of Georgia!

Jordan | M/V Kestrel | 07/03/2021 2:00pm

Captain Erick and I had a beautiful day travelling around the Salish Sea. The sunny day brought high energy to all the guests and I as we hopped on the Kestrel and headed north through the San Juan Channel.

We passed along the west coast of Orcas Island enjoying the cliffsides when all of a sudden, we spot a bald eagle sitting high in the tree tops. As we inched closer, we saw it was a juvenile bald eagle covered in brown with white speckles. He perched in a vibrant orange madrona tree as he peered around the water and eyed some passing geese.

We continued further north and stopped by Patos lighthouse. Here, we found a massive bald eagle’s nest! They can get as big as a car! We also paused to take pictures with Mount Baker in the distance. Gorgeous.

As we boated out into open waters, it wasn’t too long till we found a humpback whale! He was very fun to watch pop up and down, flashing us his tail as he took his deep dives. He seemed pretty slow and relaxed as he meandered around the Strait of Georgia. We could see Canada in the distance as we admired his shimmering back.

Then, suddenly, he took a turn and headed straight towards our boat! We shut down our engine and watch as he swam under us. Incredible! We could even see his nostrils!

Very happy, we headed home. Along the way, we found some harbor porpoises and harbor seals! So cute.

What a great day.