June 18, 2011

Rain no; Orcas yes!

We narrowly escaped the rain today; luckily, by trip departure time it was done raining in the San Juan Islands. Overcast weather and threats of rain don't keep the whales away though and as we rounded Cattle Point and came up along the west side in some choppy waves, we were rewarded for our...Read more

June 16, 2011

Transients at Sucia

Today we left the harbor and headed north toward Sucia Island. Once there we spotted a small pod of transients. There were 3. One female, one male, and one calf. They were taking long dives with a few breaths at their surface intervals before they dove again. They were cruising along, with one...Read more

June 7, 2011

Species circus!

As we circumnavigated San Juan Island we encountered species at every turn. The San Juan Chanel was full of harbor porpoises and bald eagles, the Haro Straight teemed with Dall’s porpoise and three minke whales were feeding around Salmon Bank where California sea lions rested on the buoy. An...Read more

June 6, 2011

sunshine and minke whales

Another beautiful day on the water! We headed south through Cattle pass, stopping to take a quick peek and a steller hauled out on the rocks. When we got a little closer we were surprised to see a male California sea lion lounging beside the steller. I have spent a lot of time around CA sea lions...Read more

June 4, 2011

Carnage and Feasting

Northbound from the harbor, we soon found our dead harbor seal with about five bald eagles sharing its carcass off of Sentinel Island. Day three of its destruction and the seal still had some meat on it to feed the local raptors. Onwards around the north end of San Juan Island, we started to see...Read more

June 3, 2011

Mt. Rainier Ahoy!

The clear, sunny day brought out the normally elusive harbor porpoise…and Mt. Rainier! The massive volcano, which is over a hundred miles away, was in the backdrop of as we headed through Cattle Pass. There we saw a minke whale, harbor seals, stellar sea lions and many harbor porpoises. Once in the...Read more

June 2, 2011

Rain to the North but Minke Whales to the South

With storm clouds and rain to the north, we started heading south towards Cattle Pass. Word on the quiet ocean: Minke whales were in the neighborhood. Passing several plump harbor seals hauled out off Cattle Point, we motored out to Salmon Bank and then Hein Bank, areas known for schools of herring...Read more

May 25, 2011

Rainy Day Whales

I know I have said it before, but I will say it again. I love rainy day whale watches. Not the gross, windy, perfect storm kind of days, but the days when everything is still and calm and you can see every bird, porpoise, and seal within five miles of you. Today was one of those days. From the...Read more