June 7, 2010

Fun n Sun

What a pleasant surprise the gorgeous weather was today.  The sun was shining, it was warm and there were whales! What more could one really ask for? Except for the whales to be headed right in our direction,  and as it turned out they were!!   The plan was to head straight for the whales which were reported to be near Saturna Island just at the border between the United States and  Canada. Captain Craig informed us that we would not be making any stops so that we could make it to the whales, however before we could even make it out of the harbor Captain Craig spotted a Bald Eagle and just couldn't help but stop for a quick moment to observe.  You can not really pass an opportunity to view these amazing birds.

As we traveled along reports came in that the whales were continuing to head our way. This gave us the opportunity to stop and observe some harbor porpoise and harbor seals. The harbor seals were piled up on the rocks enjoying this sunny warm day as much as we were! A short jaunt over to Saturna Island and we were viewing Orcas. Once again widely spread in clusters of groups we encountered the J and L pods. There were a few splashes but mostly the whales slowly traveled along. No matter how many times I view these animals it never ceases to amaze me when they all come up to surface at once making for a picture perfect moment.  After our time with the orcas we cruised through Johns Pass and then over to Spieden Island to view the Fallow deer and Mouflon sheep that grazed along the hill side. It really was a beautiful day and we cross our fingers that tomorrow will bring the same!