June 20, 2009

Crew Capers

Some days you get to see whales and some days turn out a little differently. I had the opportunity to work on a different boat today and see some new areas of the islands. Naknek Diving was chartered as a water taxi and Capt. Kurt needed a mate to help with the trip; since I was available and eager to go, I got the job.

The MV Naknek is a wooden boat and is fitted up in a much different manner than the MV Sea Lion. As a dive boat there are racks for tanks and gear, a stove to cook your fresh caught lunch on and tubs of water to rinse the salt off of equipment and people. I was hoping that Deco the border collie cross was going to get to go with us, but he had to stay and man the office.

Since the Orcas and other marine mammals are not as prevalent among the inner islands I have not been in and around them much. It was beautiful to see the varied coastlines and quaint little Orcas Village. The taxi services were needed for a group of people that were visiting Canoe Island at the south end of Shaw Island for an open house at the French camp. The captain and I were invited up to see the camp and then had a delicious gourmet lunch overlooking the pool and surrounding islands. The setting was stunning and the trip as a whole was a relaxing change from my regular trips as a naturalist. It is so true that one never gets tired of the islands.

So, from Naknek Diving, San Juan Safaris and myself, thank you and we will...

See You In The Islands!
~Tristen, Naturalist

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