July 25, 2011

Charter Boats, Friday Harbor San Juan Island, Near Seattle

Recently we had a family group charter the Kittiwake boat for a family reunion.

They had our favorite caterer bring boxed lunches, sodas and home made goodies for the occasion. Kittiwake is certified for 24 passengers. When booking the public in, we limit this number to 12. When using her for a charter we like to limit it to 14 so that there is plenty of space for guests, food and guests belongings.

This boat charter saw orca whales, bald eagles, harbor seals, at least a dozen species of sea birds and lots and lots of island scenery.

Chartering the boat gave this family an opportunity to be isolated with their loved ones and they had the Captain and the Marine Naturalists all to themselves.

When they returned, they made sure to come into the office to tell us what a wonderful time they had and how great the crew was and how happy the were that they chartered the boat.

Charters start at $895.00

Charters start at $895.00