July 27, 2011

Sunset - The Lighting Is Magical

L Orca off South West End of San Juan Island Sunset Whale Watch Tour Last evening I got out from behind the computer and went on the 5:30 whale watching tour. It is the "lighting". I just love it around 7:00 pm when eveyone's faces are warm from the sunlight. The Madrone trees seem firey and the...Read more

July 25, 2011

Charter Boats, Friday Harbor San Juan Island, Near Seattle

Recently we had a family group charter the Kittiwake boat for a family reunion. They had our favorite caterer bring boxed lunches, sodas and home made goodies for the occasion. Kittiwake is certified for 24 passengers. When booking the public in, we limit this number to 12. When using her for a...Read more