June 1, 2010

Catching up to Jpod

Reports were in early of the southern resident J pod sightings around Active pass. While this is good news it can also mean that the whales may be just out of our reach should they continue north.  Active pass is in Canada so this meant we were in for a long haul. Luckily Captain Craig put the pedal to the metal and we made it out to see J pod! Although they were spread out we did get some close looks at an adult male and two sets of female calf pairs. The dorsal fin of an adult male orca can tower up to 6 ft tall. It was such a peaceful day on the water we could hear the blows of the whales as they surfaced to breath. After our time with the orcas we enjoyed a smooth ride home stopping by Yellow island to observe some harbor seals hauled out basking in the sun. The guests on board did a great job of spotting bald eagles, harbor porpoise and the whales! Not only did we see whales today but enjoyed a beautiful boat ride.

Not in Kansas anymore!