July 9, 2018

Canadian Whales! – Two Trips of Friday Harbor Whale Watching with Transient Whales in Canada! | 07/06/2018 |1:30 & 5:30

Traveling whales

Jordan | July 6, 2018 | M/V Sea Lion | 1:30 & 5:30 trips

Captain Gabe, Naturalist Alexandria and I all set out on two trips to Canada today! Even though the voyages were long, Captain Gabe was determined to find the whales and make some wonderful memories for our guests.

On the first, trip we headed up around the west coast of Saturna Island and through Georgenson Pass. This area was incredibly beautiful as we passed by some deer grazing by the rocky shore and we spotted some bald eagles soaring overhead. We even spotted some well-hidden harbor seals basking a top some rocks near the water. There was one small pup flopping around in the shallow waters!

Then we found our whales! There was a group of three whales swimming gracefully through the water and we watched the little baby leaping through the waves! This calf was about 2-3 years old and still learning how to properly be a whale so he was really enjoyable to watch. Then we had to shut off our engines when suddenly they popped up right next to our boat! When they’re that close, you can really see how massive these animals are, even the youngsters! But then they headed deep into a bay where we couldn’t follow so we turned around and headed back towards America!

On the second trip, we maneuvered around more Canadian Islands and ended up really far north within Trincomali Channel. It was the same group of three transient whales that were equally as enjoyable to watch traveling so elegantly with the waters which they call home. We stopped to hear them breathing which made the whole boat fall silent. It was a great reminder that these orca whales are in fact mammals and require air just like we do!

On our way back, we stopped by Spieden Island and saw some mouflon sheep galloping across the grassy yellow slopes. And there was a giant bald eagle perching on a huge rock right underneath a herd of sheep. Very cool!

We headed home satisfied with a full day of amazing whale watching in Canada!