August 16, 2021

Canadian Orcas!

Jordan | M/V Sea Lion | 08/16/2021 2:00pm

Nturalist Haleigh and I joined captain Pete on the boat with our excited guests and headed out to see what we could find around the Salish Sea.

We headed north and crossed the border into Canada. Here we found Orcas!! Beautifully swimming around off the coast of Pender Island, we watched in awe as they searched for any prey that could be hiding within the rocks. It felt like a whole different world as we appreciated being able to boat in Canadian waters for one of the first times in 2 years! Gorgeous cliffsides and picturesque northwestern scenery accompanied us as the perfect backdrop for the Orcas. The three whales meandered about and peacefully carried on their way.

We eventually headed back down towards America. Winding between islands, we boated through John's pass where we spotted a bald eagle! He was probably searching for food as he had the perfect view of the waters below.

As we continued, we passed by the exotic safari island named Spieden Island. Here we saw mouflon sheep, Sika deer and fallow deer who were imported from different parts of Eruope and Asia. As we cruised along the shore we could also see harbor seals lounging along the Cliffside close to the water. It seemed like they were all pretending to be logs as they blended in amongst the rocks.

We then continued on towards the harbor. What a lovely day.