June 22, 2019

Bigg's Killer Whale Seen Surrounded by Harbor Seals!

Bigg's Killer Whale with Harbor Seals

Laura C. | 6-22-2019 | M/V Sea Lion | 12:00pm

Greetings from the sea!  The M/V Sea Lion had an awesome day out on the water cruising along some fun waves and a windy breeze!  We headed north and first stopped along Flattop Island for some exciting commotion with several bald eagles circling overhead.  There was definitely some social gathering occurring or perhaps a nice meal under the trees because the eagles were so active!  We also saw some furry creatures scurrying up the rocks who turned out to be river otters!  It is a rare sight to see these animals on a whale watch but demonstrates that you never know what you are about to see on these exciting trips! 

Captain Pete continued our voyage north through Canadian waters and we found T124C traveling solo along Active Pass.  This lone whale was not alone today as we realized we were completely surrounded by harbor seals on the rocks nearby.  It is not hard to imagine what attracted T214C to this particular area today as these rock sausages must have looked like quite the tantalizing buffet.  T124C started circling the area and was changing directions repeatedly, a great indication that some hunting may have been underway.  We were able to see a good portion of his head come out on a few surfacings which was very exciting.  After getting some awesome looks at T124C we headed back south towards home.  We cruised by so many harbor seals on the way it was impossible to take a grand count.  This was a beautiful trip and everyone was so excited to get to know T124C and see him in such a peaceful atmosphere.