April 2, 2019

A Beautiful Afternoon with Orcas!

[Alexandria | 04/2/2019 | M/V Sea Lion | 12:00pm]

Today was a beautiful day on the water!  Captain Pete and myself headed out on the water excited about the beautiful day ahead!  We greeted our awesome group up in the office and talked about the boarding process.  Once everyone was ready to go with all their snacks and layers loaded up we eagerly walked down to M/V Sea Lion and boarded are trusty vessel for the afternoon.

Once we got onboard we talked about some of the wildlife we were hoping to get glances of, and went over tips and tricks for scouting and locating some cool wildlife.  We talked about harbor seals, steller sea lions, harbor porpoise, orcas, humpbacks, and of course the majestic eagle.

Our group today was fantastic and people were spotting eagles, and harbor seals throughout the trip!  Probably one of the highlights of the trip was getting to see some Transient Orcas!  They were swimming around and put on quite a beautiful show for us!  We got some fantastic looks at some nice size dorsal fins, and some super cool saddle patches. 

In addition to all the awesome things we got to see today, we were treated to a gorgeous day around the San Juan Islands!  We also had a great group of people that made for an awesome day out on the water with some fantastic whales and wildlife!


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