June 4, 2009

Baleen Whales!!!

We watched a gray whale just offshore of Whidbey Island near the Naval Air Force Base.
We watched as the whale would blow 3 to 6 times and then take a dive for a couple of minutes.
Everyone loved the heart shaped spray that the exhale makes from gray whales.
I really find it interesting that gray whales feed on benthic crustaceans in sediment.

We then headed Northwest of Smith Island and looked for a minke whale that had been seen. Some of the guests got a great view of the small sickle shaped dorsal fin of the minke whale. Some guests were convinced that there was actually two minke whales.

We also saw lots and lots of different birds. I was very excited to see a surf scoter. We also saw some common murres, cormorants, bald eagles and many other birds.

Jeannette (Naturalist)
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