September 7, 2009

Back to the usual around here!

Well well is more like the weather we expect for this time of year! After that little stormy spell the last 2 days we are back to calm seas and clearing skies.

On our 1pm tour today we saw a nice group of big, golden, Stellar Sea Lions both hauled out and swimming in the water just off Whale Rocks in Cattle Pass. Then around the south end up towards False Bay to meet the Resident Orcas who were spread out and moving rapidly north. This morning the Orcas were spotted in Admirelty Inlet (by Whidbey Island) and by this afternoon they were already off of San Juan Island! Fast movers. Lots of commercial and recreational fishermen out there today too....we watched a purse seiner bring in a big catch of salmon! A good sign....hopefully the Orcas are chowin down!

Mostly members of J & K pods out on the west side today. Perhaps some L pod Orcas? I didn't identify many today...did enjoy some nice looks at some cute young calves swimming close to mom and others. A few directional changes by the Orcas...typical of foraging behavior...and 1 nice spy hop by a female taking a look above the surface.

Such a beautiful day. (It's hard to believe that just yesterday the wind had kicked up such nasty swells in Haro Strait.) We watched the gray clouds sweep over Vancouver Island and meet us, giving us a brief afternoon shower. By the time we were around the north end of the island the sun was shining once again. I love the warm and clean feel of the air right now; with the storm gone the islands have a renewed feeling to them....greens and blues are brighter and the islands just light up!

-Jaclyn, naturalist
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