July 1, 2014

Another Beautiful Day with Killer Whales!

We departed the docks today with sunny skies above. It would seem like every day in the San Juan's is just as beautiful as the next; however, today was clear enough so that we had a panoramic view of the Cascade mountain range with Mt. Baker in the center,  as well as Mt. Rainier and the Olympics. Guests got a spectacular view of these mountains as we headed out through the San Juan Channel and out through cattle Pass. It wasn't long before we started seeing what everyone wanted to see- black dorsal fins slicing through the beautifully calm water!

 We caught up with members of J pod along the west side of San Juan Island fishing for salmon! I quickly identified J27, Blackberry, his brother Mako (J39), and his sister Tsuchi (J31).  Blackberry, J27 is often a favorite. He has a beautiful saddle patch and dorsal fin, but what really makes him endearing is his devotion to his family. These kids lost their mother in 2008. Ever since then, the three musketeers, (J27, 31, and 39) as I call them, have been inseparable! We also saw members of L Pod foraging as well. Before we left, they all started to get rather playful- spyhopping out of the water for better looks, breaching, and cartwheeling! What an awesome day!
Heather, Naturalist, M/V Sea Lion
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