Appreciating our natural world

San Juan Safaris believes that getting people out in the natural environment is the first step in developing an appreciation for the natural world. We believe people have an innate drive to be outdoors, and we enjoy the opportunity make it happen.

We hope that what comes out of that appreciation are steps taken to curb individual impact and decrease one’s footprint on the environment. Decreasing our individual footprint and preserving our natural world is our long term goal. We’re starting by setting an example here on San Juan Island.

San Juan Safaris takes pride in providing high-quality, educational and fun tours that follow all federal and Pacific Whale Watch Association regulations. Through respectful wildlife viewing San Juan Safaris hopes to show people from all over the world the natural beauty of marine ecosystems and why it is important to conserve and protect the environment and the animals that call the Salish Sea home.

Southern Resident Male Orca Doublestuf
Humpback whale fluke in Salish Sea

Helping conserve wildlife

San Juan Safaris places a large emphasis on the state of the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) and donates to organizations working toward SRKW conservation. Salmon conservation and salmon habitat restoration, as salmon is the main food source of Southern Resident Orcas, along with orca research, is a primary focus for donations. By participating in a tour with San Juan Safaris, you are helping protect and conserve Southern Resident Orcas through research and salmon conservation.