Job description: VesselĀ CaptainĀ 


Our captians perform daily tours. Captains are responsible for safe operation and safety features, basic maintenance, accurate logs, overseeing First Mate/Naturalist duties and setting a good example for wildlife viewing ethics and methods on the water. Season: Mid-April to October. Must be available Saturdays, Sundays evenings and holidays.

Major Job Duties:

1. Operate the boat and conduct regular daily tours

2. Perform ethical and responsible wildlife viewing practices

3. Oversee upkeep and maintenance of vessels

4. Oversee First Mate duties

5. Maintain a high standard of quality for our tours

6. Maintain positive relationships with staff

7. Abide by Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) ( Best Practices Guidelines for wildlife viewing

8. Adhere to company standards

9. Maintain a daily ship's log

10. Provide oversight on all safety issues

Special Certifications & Skills

1. 50- to 100-ton USCG Masters License

2. Strong single-screw boat handling skills

3. Detail oriented. Safety-oriented work ethic

4. Must be team oriented and enjoy working with others

5. Capable of working long hours/flexible hours

6. Capable of lifting 60 pounds

Other considerations:

1. Well versed on local & federal laws regarding wildlife viewing. Must be familiar with the PWWA guidelines and adhere to them strictly. (Our resident Orca whales and Chinook salmon are both on the endangered species list). The state and local governments have instituted a law that further protects our local whales. San Juan Safaris is serious about setting a good example for viewing etiquette. The techniques necessary to observe whales without interfering with their life processes takes time to learn and requires additional skills apart from just captaining a boat.

2. Background in ecotourism preferred, special training in marine ecology recommended. Position is for a dedicated person who understands and respects marine mammals and our company's philosophy.


1. Must adhere to company dress code

2. Must have current first aid and CPR certification

3. Subject to pre-employment and/or random drug testing

4. Land line and/or cell phone with voice mail

5. Check email daily for schedule updates

6. Non-smoker

7. Reliable transportation

8. No photography while on duty

9. Available Saturdays, Sundays, evenings and holidays

10. No personal cell phone use or texting while on the clock

Pay & Benefits:

Up to $20 - $40 per hour (depending on experience), plus good tips.

Work in a world-class outdoor marine environment with likeminded people and abundant wildlife.

Discounts on outdoor gear and local restaurants.

Free whale watching on a "space available" basis, discounts for family and friends.