July 2, 2019

A Wonderful Time with Biggs Killer Whales!

M/V Kestrel | July 2nd, 2019 | Naturalist Alexandria

What an awesome day we had today on the water!  We were with a family of Biggs Killer Whales for our trip, and we sure got to spend a nice chunk of time with these incredible animals!

As Captain Pete and myself looked at the reports for the day, we were excited to know that we definitely had reports of orcas out and about.  Now we never know anything for sure until we are on scene for sure; until we personally, with our own eyes, are able to lay eyes on these big black and white gorgeous creatures!

We got everyone boarded, and to be quite honest the weather was a little questionable… it was aa wet day, there is no sugar coating it… but once we got on the water and with those whales it all was worth it!  We finished boarding M/V Kestrel and headed out to see what we could find!


We worked our way towards that report, only stopping briefly to check out some rocky areas to see if any other wild life could be hanging around.  But we were on a mission, a mission to find ourselves some whales, so we continued heading toward our destination.


Now traveling on Kestrel is pretty darn fun!  It is a fast, exciting open air boat!  It is one of the fastest boats out on the water, and a great time when we are trying to get to whales… fast!  We jetted over to these reports, making sure to slow our speed and lower our engine noise once we got closer to these whales.  As we got closer everyone on board was so excited at the first few dorsal fins we saw!  How could you not be?!  Our goal had been achieved, we were with a family of Biggs Killer Whales!

We were lucky enough to spend a fantastic (… or shall I say fintastic!?) with these whales.  We got to watch them swim, hunt and socialize during the course of time we spent with them.  It was such a treat to be able to watch these incredible animals for such a generous amount of time!  Eventually it was time to head back, so we slowly peeled off of these animals, but not before getting a few more looks and photos of this incredible family.

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Naturalist Alexandria

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