September 25, 2013

Wildlife and Whales Everywhere You Look!

Today was a beautiful day all around with sunny sky's, nice people, L-Pod, and lot's of wildlife! The M/V Sea Lion headed North today towards Turn Point (the most Northwestern part of the continental U.S.) where we had reports of some Southern Resident Orcas. I couldn't contain my delight when I told guests we had reports of these Orcas especially since it is rather late in September and they are still around!

On our way out we say some steller sea lions surfaced right in front of our boat, our Captain, Craig, about had a heart attack while everyone on board was enthused! We spent some time with the stellers and harbor seals then continued heading north into Canadian waters. We had reports of the leaders of the pod by Pender Bulffs. However, there were no boats around so we weren't quite sure where the whales were. The water was pretty rolly in Boundary Pass, but I quickly spotted some blows in my binoculars and we headed that way. As it turned out, we were the only boat the entire time to watch the some 15 L-Pod Orcas- I didn't mind the private show!

Many of the orphan whales of L-Pod were there today including L-84 Nissa and L-88 Wave Walker, both of whom lost their entire family and were adopted by the other L-Pod members. L-54 and her calf born in 2010 were also there. We watched as the 15 whales spread out length-wise side by side and herded salmon right towards Pender Bluffs for about a half mile, and then headed north along the shoreline continuing to surface in synchronicity. With the evergreens in the background and the puff, puff, puff of the whales spouts in the air, it truly was beautiful.

The day get's better though, on our way home Captain Craig found us some dalls porpoise to play with! We engaged them with our boat (carefully), and they began happily playing in our boat wake. You could see them gliding effortlessly and very quickly though the water right next to and under our boat! These porpoises are so much fun!! Probably one of the top 3 days of the month! Great guests, great whales, and great wildlife. I love my job :)

Heather, Naturalist, M/V Sea Lion
San Juan Safaris