August 25, 2011

Whales galore

After two whole days without orcas around (but with Humpbacks and Minkes!) our residents returned to the sound in full force. There were lots of animals around on the way up to see the whales: harbor seals, harbor porpoises, and even a bald eagle! As for the whales,  there were groups representing all 3 pods up in the area between Stuart and Pender Islands.  When we came on scene the whales we were with appeared to be resting. After about 20 minutes they suddenly turned around and sped up.  There were whales everywhere. We were surrounded! As we prepared to leave the area a Humpback appeared, heading north.  We had heard about the animal earlier in the day.  We kept our distance and didn't stop to watch the single whale, as it was entangled in fishing gear and there were boats around with the hopes of untangling it from the line. Finally, on our way back we stopped around Speiden Island to view some mouflon sheep that were moving around right on the rocks near the water. Laura and Kristen, Naturalists, San Juan Safaris