June 12, 2011

International J-pod

Whale Watching Naturalist with Young Whale Watcher Today on both of our trips, we encountered J-pod. First off of the west side of San Juan Island where they were headed northeast and then off of East point, the most northwestern point of the United States, and headed into Canadian waters. Our...Read more

May 24, 2011


Today we saw two Transient Orcas way up on the west side of Pender Island. One of them was a big male with a huge dorsal that we identified as T20. He had one of the coolest, most unique fins I have seen so far. With a couple of notches and a port-side lean, his dorsal was easy to ID even from...Read more

May 19, 2011

A sunny, Minke kind of day

The sun was shining as we left the harbor and headed south toward Cattle Pass. A few of the seals hauled out on the rocks lazily lifted their heads to give us a quick glance before returning to their afternoon nap. A river otter scampered down the shoreline and slid into the water, quickly...Read more

May 5, 2011

San Juan Circumnavigation!

Another beautiful day. That makes wo in a row! It was calm enough to head south through Cattle Pass and do an entire circumnavigation of San Juan Island. Whale rocks was packed with Steller Seal Lions, Harbor Seals, and Cormorants and as we headed out toward the straight, with the wind at our backs...Read more

May 1, 2011


We left Friday Harbor with reports of a Minke Whale in Canadian waters. Under sunny skies and over glassy water we headed west. As we approached the area of the last sighting we slowed to a stop and shut down the engines. The passengers spread out along the rails and kept their eyes on the water...Read more

April 30, 2011


It was a beautiful, calm day...the kind of day you just want to drive all the way to Vancouver...but it was worth it. We heard tale of transients past East Point headed toward the coal docks. We decided to make an attempt. By the time we made it to the coal docks there was no turning back,...Read more

April 26, 2011


What a beautiful day! Our trip started out sunny and even a little bit warm. We headed out of the harbor and up past Waldron toward East Point. A passenger spotted a pair of bald eagles as soon as we were out of the slip and harbor seals were hauled out in full force along out trek up north. Once...Read more