August 10, 2011

Do We Go The Extra Mile to See Whales? You Bet!!

Whales Map August 9. 2011 Sunset Tour by Victoria BC Occasionaly our resident orca whales take a day or two sabbatical and go out to the Pacific, likely to survey the trend of salmon coming in (no one really knows why). Yesterday, boats from Victoria reported the whales were returning and had...Read more

July 27, 2011

Sunset - The Lighting Is Magical

L Orca off South West End of San Juan Island Sunset Whale Watch Tour Last evening I got out from behind the computer and went on the 5:30 whale watching tour. It is the "lighting". I just love it around 7:00 pm when eveyone's faces are warm from the sunlight. The Madrone trees seem firey and the...Read more

July 25, 2011

Charter Boats, Friday Harbor San Juan Island, Near Seattle

Recently we had a family group charter the Kittiwake boat for a family reunion. They had our favorite caterer bring boxed lunches, sodas and home made goodies for the occasion. Kittiwake is certified for 24 passengers. When booking the public in, we limit this number to 12. When using her for a...Read more

July 18, 2011

Newest Addition to Southern Resident Community

We started seeing the dorsal fins of K pod after exiting the Speiden Channel and spotted Deadhead (K-27) with her new son (K-44). The boy is her first offspring and he will remain unnamed until after he has survived a winter and is officially considered part of the pod. Researchers do this because...Read more

July 18, 2011

Herb Rides Again

Herb has been out with San Juan Safaris for years now and on so many trips that he is an "honorary staffer". Along with knowing a lot about whales, and I am talking Hawaii to Massacusetts, he has a great eye. He has been very generous this year and in the past sharing all his photos. Here are just...Read more

July 15, 2011

Js Ks and Ls

We headed out of Friday Harbor with some very fun and excited passengers. Our first stop was right around the corner with some harbor seals hauled out on the rocks and we even saw a tiny little pup trying to climb on its moms back while swimming in the current. We continued on through Cattle Pass...Read more