June 11, 2011


As the sun dissipated the daunting clouds, we encountered J-Pod near Pile Point as they headed north toward Lime Kiln Point. A few individuals breached while the rest of the group continued to move at a slow pace in a spread out formation. We were excited to identify Riptide (J-30), the alleged...Read more

June 9, 2011

Resident Orca Whales Today

We headed north out of Friday Harbor with reports that there were some orcas coming down the Strait of Georgia towards Saturna Island. On our way to start our search in Canadian waters we were lucky enough to encounter lots of harbor seals hauled out on the rocks at Yellow Island and some more at...Read more

May 18, 2011

7th in a Row!

Wednesday arrived with sunny skies and the warmest temperatures of the season. We departed a little early for our trip due to word of whales in the area. We headed through Cattle Pass with the tide flooding against us. As we cleared the pass and entered Haro straight Captain Craig pointed our...Read more

May 17, 2011

Whales and all

There is only one word that could describe today. Epic. The sun was shining and the water was calm. We headed north on a whim, taking the opportunity to cruise the scenic passes between Saturna Island and Pender Island. We ended up slightly north of the Coal Docks and found ourselves amid Orcas...Read more

May 16, 2011

Transients in Rosario

Monday found us out in Rosario Straight. The wind was picking up and there was a little bit of swell and chop, but it didn't deter us from spotting a very spread out group of Transient Orcas. They were headed south at what seemed like a pretty good speed. There was one big male about 500 yards...Read more

May 15, 2011

J Pod Vocalizations!

I have to say that some of my best whale days have been gross, rainy days. Today was no exception. We made our way down the east side of San Juan Island and around toward False Bay. It was one of those silent, glassy, flat water days. No seals hauled out, no sea lions on our way south. We passed a...Read more

May 13, 2011

J Pod of the Resident Orca Whales at Active Pass

We headed north past Waldron Island where we stopped to check out some Harbor Seals feeding on a fish. They were tossing it and diving after it. Good start to the day. As we crossed into Canadian waters we could see Steller Sea Lions on the rocks at East Point. We stopped to check them out.Â...Read more

April 22, 2011

It is a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood - Friday Harbor

Photo of Spring Street Landing next to the ferry in Friday Harbor April 22, 2011 at 4:30 PM At 5:00 pm it is bright, sunny and warm - probably close to 60 degrees. Saturday, April 23, tomorrow will be our first daily scheduled tour for the season. Still a few seats left. Transient Orca Whales have...Read more