April 8, 2012

Resident Orcas today!

Yesterday Transients Orcas, today Residents Orcas! Traveling all the way to Mouat Point off North Pender Island, Canada, we caught up with members of J and K pod. Although the Orcas kept us on the move, we paused long enough to see foraging, plenty of tail-slapping, a slow-motion spy-hop by Sekiu (...Read more

October 15, 2011

Humpback Whale at Halibut Island, Canada for our last tour

No orca whale reports today, BUT as we pulled out of Friday Harbor the Captain received word of a humpback whale by Halibut Island, Canada. It took us nearly an hour to get to the location but there it was – a beautiful humpback whale. It looked as though it was feeding the entire time we were...Read more

October 13, 2011

An "A" Whale and Wildlife Charter Tour

 Today with beautiful weather the two Kenmore Air sea planes touched down at the dock and we were there waiting to take the guests for a wildlife tour. The group included people from Denmark, Sweden and Japan. We went down the east side of San Juan Island stopping a few times to view birds and...Read more

October 8, 2011

Tail End of the Season

Headed south down the east side of San Juan Island.A single mature bald eagle was spotted up in a tree. We paused to view it, then off it went. We went a bit further south, then stopped a rock outcrop with TONS of Stellars Sea Lions. Lounging, posturing, snoozing, swimming. They where piled up with...Read more

August 29, 2011

Sea Lions off San Juan Island from a 5:30 Sunset Tour

Attached are two pictures of Sea Lions, taken during my visit to San Juan Island last week. These pictures were taken while on the Whale Watching tour with San Juan Safari, on 8/20 - the Sunset Tour. Sending these for the photo contest, under "Other Wildlife" category. Ashwin Sea Lion off San Juan...Read more

July 28, 2011


The black dorsals of J and K pod broke the chop of Haro Straight as we made our way towards Victoria. We then allowed the strong current that had worked against us to now be in our favor as it pushed us towards the west coast of San Juan Island, drifting beside the orcas. We saw Deadhead (K-27),...Read more