July 5, 2013

Whale Trifecta!!!!

With summer in full swing and full boats, Captain Jim and myself departed on M/V Kittiwake. We had reports of the L12 family group on the west side of San Juan Island just near False Bay. We arrived on scene and got an excellent viewing of Spirit and her two sons, Skana and Solstice. Spirit then continued to breach for us at least five times. Most people asked if there is a reason to why these whales breach. My answer is usually no, they are just playing or showing off for us! Everyone on board was very excited and that energy just kept up the whole trip.
After spending quite some time with this group we had a report of a Humpback whale on our way home. We moved south and spotted the humpback right away. It surfaced three times and showed us its tail flukes. So with two out of the three whales to be seen we continued to try and view the Humpback, but then we saw a Minke whale! We got to see all three whales that are reside in this area. Humpbacks and Minke whales both feed in similar styles and Haro Strait provides a great locations for them to do so.
This is my first seeing all three types of whales in one trip. My guests and I were all very excited about all the wildlife we encountered today. I love days like these because it just reinforces how special these islands are!

Aimee, Naturalist-M/V Kittiwake
San Juan Safaris