April 27, 2012

Whale Report - Friday April 27, 2012

Calm seas, sunshine, and ORCAS!

Upon leaving the harbor we traveled along the eastside of San Juan Island and found members of the J-Pod at the southern end of the island.  For much of our encounter, the whales were spread out over a large distance but would then regroup and spend time within close proximity of each other.

Whales were traveling, milling, and exhibited foraging behavior, although no fish were seen.  We heard amazing vocalizations using our underwater hydrophone; squeaks, squeals and percussive sounds.

Today we identified a group of Brants (geese) near the whales, along with 3 Surf Scoters near Goose Island, and some of our regulars, Cormorants and Pigeon Guillemots

After viewing the whales, we cruised over to the southern end of Lopez Island where harbor seals, Steller sea lions, and a two California sea lions were hauled out along the shoreline. 

Not only did we see bald eagles but Captain Craig found us two different eagles nests, one with an adult eagle and at least one eaglet resting in the nest.

A very memorable day out here in the beautiful San Juan Islands. 

Whale Watch Naturalists Colleen and Amy