September 7, 2019

A Whale of a Day!

M/V Sea Lion | Naturalist Alexandria | Saturday, September 7, 2019 | 1:30PM

What a fantastic trip we had today!  We boarded onto M/V  Sea Lion and knew that there were orcas in our range but nothing could have prepared us for the day we were about to have! 

As we headed out we made a left hand turn and started heading north up San Juan Channel.  We knew that one of the reports we had received was just off of Waldron Island so we headed that way.

We met up with this group of Biggs Killer Whales and got some great looks as they worked their way west.  We got to see them travel and swim by.  After spending a nice chunk of time with them we started to head west further but were excited to spot a lone orca- T49A3 off of Stuart island.  

We got some incredible looks at this lone male.  He is only 8 years old, and was very playful with out group.  We got some magical time with this orca as he swam back and forth of our bow and stern giving us some incredible looks!

After spending a wonderful afternoon it was time to return back to Friday Harbor.  Everyone was excited about the fantastic looks and photos they got on this amazing trip!

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Naturalist Alexandria

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