June 10, 2009

West Side!!!

Southern Resident Killer Whales on the west side of San Juan Island. We identified members of L-pod, one of the three pods of the southern resident killer whales. We first saw some members of L-pod just south of Lime Kiln State Park heading North. Just as we decided to make a trip around San Juan Island following the orcas, they changed their direction and began heading South. We quickly changed our direction and began heading south as well. We watched as the orcas traveled and even spy hopped. The captain then decided to head north and take a peak at the Cactus Islands. These islands are very beautiful. We then began looking for bald eagles and too our surprise found not only one but four. On our way back to Friday Harbor we got a good look at some of the mouflon sheep on Spieden. These sheep are awesome to look at. Another great adventure in the San Juan Islands with San Juan Safaris!!!

Jeannette, Naturalist
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